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Simple Treasures March 12-16
Simple Treasures May 7-11 Boutique

From our Customers

“Can’t wait to see all the new fall stuff! My family out of state are super jealous they don’t have these kind of boutiques in their state/or town! There are always the cutest things here and such great things for gifts at such reasonable prices!”

Tamara Allen

“It makes a perfect girls night/ day/ weekend out!! With my mom and sister. It has become a tradition for family girls time that we will continue to do with our daughters/granddaughters. And sisters in law! So many things to look at and if I had the money I would buy EVERYTHING!!”

Amy Healey

“I love coming to the boutique with my best friend! No matter what holiday is coming up, it always gets us excited to celebrate! Such fun stuff and great crafts!! We love it!”

Danica Smith

“I love the selection, to many times you see the same things at Boutiques, but Simple Treasures always has a huge selection of various vendors. New and upcoming things and styles!”

Casandra Singleton

“Because I can always bribe my kids with cinnamon almonds so I can keep shopping!!! “


“I personally love to support local business’s and crafter’s of Utah are the best!! so with CC in hand and adrenalyn pumping lets get the boutique rollin YAY!”

Rhonda Sena

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